“Move Mountains did a great job of planning, coordinating, setting up and executing a wonderful business retreat for our Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) forum. They were able to deal with challenging weather conditions and make an accommodating camping adventure that brought everything together. I would highly recommend Move Mountains.”

– Jim K, K-Corp

Move Mountains was an exceptional experience. It’s tough to organize a group of enterprise CEOs, let alone truly move them personally and professionally in a meaningful way. Move Mountains and their leadership not only created incredible team dynamics, but also helped all of us reflect on our true passions.”

– Charlotte Yate, CEO, Yates Ltd.

“I’ve been on two different programs with Move Mountains, and can’t wait to go back.  The guides were fun, personable, and extremely knowledgeable.”

– Eric Musselman, Former Golden State Warriors Head Coach, Nevada Basketball Head Coach

“As a tech company, it’s hard to find professional development that creates a lasting impact on our work – Move Mountains did just that.  Our time with Move Mountains was engaging and fun, and we all walked away with tools to help us communicate and find better balance in our work lives.”

– Tim Olesnavage, Co-Founder, Code Tahoe

“Charlie is a world-class facilitator, trainer and experiential educator.  His approach blends cutting edge thinking about teamwork and leadership, proactive, heart-centered communication skills, mindfulness and positive energy, and an effusive, warm, compassionate style.  Move Mountains has empowered our participants from around the world to deepen their teamwork and communication skills and to develop group-oriented adaptable leadership skills.  From Brazil to Ukraine, China to Indonesia, this learning is being applied every day in local projects that address vital issues and improve people’s lives.  Charlie and Move Mountains are the real deal.”

– Si Norton, World Learning

“About 2 years ago, our organization decided to make some drastic changes in the way our company operates. We decided to focus on team building, utilizing Positive Psychology in the workplace and the overall health of our employees as a way to increase our productivity. It only took one interaction with Charlie with Move Mountains to know we wanted to take this relationship further. The Life Change Center’s team members are well versed on how to operate as a solid and cohesive team. In other words, it can be challenging to “hook” their attention and really engage them at their core as they have “been there, done that,” already. Charlie White entered the picture and in that first meeting, captivated the attention of our team members so well…they stopped looking at their watches and engaged until he wrapped us up!! Normally, two o’clock rolls around and our staff is burnt out for the day…we ran over time with Charlie without even realizing it! The impact he had on our team members was palpable; they all left that day with a sense of accomplishment, pride and with a new found focus. After the initial meeting, we have since utilized his services again, and were impressed just the same. Charlie is well prepared, conducts adequate research in order to really understand his audience and is focused on helping organizations with a long term vision: small steps now to make a large impact over time. If you are looking to make small changes over a period of time (thus the most effective and likely to be sustainable), Charlie is the guy you want leading the way!”

– Casey Rasmussen, Director of Human Resources, The Life Change Center

“The training with Move Mountains made such a difference!  You’ve got quite some magic!”

– Sharon Silva, Tahoe Family Solutions

“Students got a lot out of the Mindfulness classes with Charlie, in fact, several asked for more! Charlie always brought mysterious contraptions used to actively engage students in friendly challenges. He juxtaposed this with quiet reflection and meditation, creating a wonderful rhythm at the end of the school day. There was incredible continuity in what he did. During a debriefing after Mindfulness classes ended, students discussed how emotions impact them and their relationships. One student described Charlie’s loving kindness meditation in amazing detail, having truly taken in the experience. Two weeks after their last class a student came by and said he was in a whirlwind last week but over the last few days felt much more calm and integrated. He attributed this to tools learned in mindfulness class. Thank you Move Mountains!”

– Paige Whiteside, LMFT, Counselor, San Francisco Waldorf School


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